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Annual Pediatric Checkup

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As a leading pediatricians in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles, CA, the doctors at Miracle Mile Pediatrics offer annual pediatric checkup examinations to help keep children of all ages as healthy as possible, providing health evaluations and medical testing as well as vaccinations to help kids ward off diseases and enjoy optimal health.

Annual Pediatric Checkup Q&A

Why is it important for my child to have an annual pediatric checkup?

Annual checkups provide an ongoing record of your child's health, helping to identify any issues that need to be corrected in order to avoid more serious issues down the road. Plus, they ensure your child receives all the preventive care options necessary to help ward off serious diseases, including vaccines for measles, mumps and other diseases that can cause major complications. Annual exams also help ensure your child is reaching important developmental milestones in learning, behavior, social interaction and other areas of life that are integral to normal and healthy functioning, both during childhood and adulthood. In short, making sure your child has an annual physical is one of the most important steps you can take toward helping him or her enjoy a healthier life for many years to come.

My child's school offers checkups; do I still need to schedule an exam with your office?

Absolutely; school exams provide broad, general screenings for a restricted number of medical and health issues, and are not nearly as comprehensive and inclusive as an exam in a doctor's office. While they can serve a very important role in identifying some issues in large populations of students, they are no substitute for the in-depth and individualized exam provided in a doctor's office.

What is included in an annual pediatric checkup?

The checkup will begin with a medical history for your child, including illnesses and surgeries your child has had as well as important health information for other family members to help identify risk factors. The exam itself will include weight and height measurements, a blood pressure reading, evaluations of reflexes and hearing, evaluations of the heart and lungs, palpation (gentle pressing) of the abdomen to look for swelling or tenderness, and other evaluations based on your child's needs. Vaccines may also be given according to established schedules.


Our practice accepts a variety of insurance providers. Please call our office if you have any questions. We offer discounted rates for self-paying patients.

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Assurant Health
Blue Shield
Health Net
Motion Picture Industry Health Plan
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