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Developmental Screening Specialist

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At their practice in the Miracle Mile neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA, the doctors at Miracle Mile Pediatrics offer developmental screening options for children of all ages and all stages of development, identifying issues in their earliest stages and prescribing the most appropriate treatments based on each child's needs.

Developmental Screen Q&A

What is developmental screening?

Developmental screening includes a series of tests and evaluations aimed at determining if your child remains “on track” in achieving specific developmental milestones with regard to physical, emotional and learning attributes. Screening can help uncover possible problems even before symptoms occur or at an early stage when remediation is simpler and most effective.

What types of developmental screenings are performed?

Today, there are many types of screening tools available to look for evidence of developmental delays in all areas of development, as well as tools to assess the extent of the delay to help guide treatment recommendations. In most cases, these tools can be easily implemented right in the doctor's office so you can get results and implement recommendations as soon as possible. Most assessments are completed during a routine checkup, but assessments can also be performed during other office visits, especially if you notice unusual symptoms or signs that could indicate a developmental delay.

What happens if a screening exam reveals a problem?

If a screening identifies a potential issue with your child's development, additional testing will be ordered to confirm the initial results and to help determine the best course of treatment. The type of treatment your child will need will depend on the type of developmental issue, as well as the extent of the issue. Possible options include individual and group therapy for physical, emotional and learning-related issues, classroom aides, and other programs of care. Each treatment plan will be carefully customized for your child's needs, and your child will be assessed on a regular basis to ensure the treatment plan evolves along with your child's needs and progress.


Our practice accepts a variety of insurance providers. Please call our office if you have any questions. We offer discounted rates for self-paying patients.

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