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The doctors at Miracle Mile Pediatrics are skilled in the safe techniques used in ear piercing in children of all ages, helping patients avoid the risk of infection that can accompany piercing and treating piercing-related issues in patients from the Miracle Mile and throughout the Los Angeles, CA, region.

Medical Ear Piercing Q&A

What is medical ear piercing?

Medical ear piercing is piercing performed by a doctor who has special training in piercing and can help avoid the risk of infection or other issues that can occur in pediatric ear piercing, including inaccurate placement of the hole and even lobe damage.

What are the advantages of having ear piercing performed by a doctor?

A doctor who is trained in ear piercing in children understands the unique needs of children, including the delicate structure of the ear lobes in children, which require special care to achieve the best possible results and to avoid the risk of infection. Prior to piercing, your child's ear lobes can be evaluated for the presence of cysts or other issues that could pose a challenge when piercing, and during the piercing, special techniques can be used to ensure optimal results in children of all ages.

What happens if my child's piercing becomes infected?

Infections surrounding a piercing require prompt medical attention, just like any infection. Getting fast and appropriate medical care is crucial to preventing the spread of infection and the development of more widespread infection that can travel to the skin and other organs. Treatment may include topical preparations as well as oral antibiotics, and you'll also be provided with care instructions which will need to be carefully followed.

What if the hole closes over?

Never try to reopen the hole on your own. Hole closure can occur for different reasons, including infection, cysts and improper care of the hole and the lobe. Determining the cause is the first step in reopening the piercing, which needs to be performed by a doctor to avoid infection and other potential complications. Call the office at the first sign of hole closure or if the area around the hole becomes red or tender.


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